How to typeset when using a laser cutter?

          When slowing down to cut the corners of thin steel sheets, the laser overheats and melts the corners. A small radius is generated at the corner to maintain the high-speed cutting of the laser and avoid overheating and melting of the steel plate when cutting the corner, so as to obtain good cutting quality, reduce cutting time and improve productivity.
1. Spacing of parts

          In general, when cutting thick plates and hot plates, the spacing between the parts should be large, because the heat of the thick plate and hot plate has a greater influence. When cutting corners, sharp corners and small graphics, it is easy to burn the edges and affect the cutting quality.
2. Lead setting

          In the process of cutting thicker plates, in order to make the slits connect well and prevent burns at the start and end points, a transition line is often drawn at the beginning and end of the cutting, respectively called the lead and the tail. The lead and the tail are the workpiece itself. It is useless, so it should be arranged outside the scope of the workpiece, and at the same time be careful not to set the lead wire in a sharp corner and other places that are not easy to dissipate heat. The connection between the lead and the kerf should use a circular arc transition as much as possible to make the machine move smoothly and avoid the burn caused by the corner stop.
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