Aerospace scale development, laser technology is widely used

1. Application of laser welding
          The aerospace industry is a strategic leading industry, a concentrated expression and an important symbol of the country’s comprehensive national strength, and a strategic field for promoting national defense construction, scientific and technological innovation, and economic and social development. Its advanced nature represents a country’s scientific and technological strength.
          With the increasing maturity of China’s laser technology development. The advantages of domestic laser technology are prominent, and the status quo that key components and technologies in the aerospace field mainly rely on imports have gradually changed. The application prospects of fiber lasers in the defense and aerospace fields such as satellites, rockets and their core components are also broader.
          In the 21st century, the application of double beam laser welding technology has brought a great technological change to the world aerospace manufacturing industry. In order to solve the welding problem of the T-joint between the skin and the stiffener of the panel structure, this technology uses two laser beams to simultaneously weld both sides of the T-joint of the panel structure to complete the connection between the skin and the stiffener. The dual beam laser welding technology uses a symmetrical welding heat source to simultaneously weld from both sides of the T-joint, which minimizes the deformation caused by welding and ensures the shape accuracy of the outer surface of the skin. Therefore, double-beam laser welding technology has been rapidly applied in the field of foreign aviation manufacturing.

2. Laser cleaning application
          According to experts in the research and development of laser cleaning technology and equipment manufacturing, laser cleaning can be used to clean the oxide film before rocket welding, the cleaning of the carrier rocket tank structure, and the cleaning of aero-engine blades. In foreign countries, the United States has maturely applied laser cleaning technology to the surface cleaning of fighter jets and transport aircraft. The surface cleaning technology of dozens of titanium alloy parts in aero-engines produced by Rolls-Royce also uses laser cleaning.
          The principle of laser cleaning is to use the high energy density of the laser and the impact and vibration of the laser pulse to act on the surface of the object to be cleaned. Using the difference in laser absorption coefficient between the substrate and the attachment, the attachment or coating on the surface of the object to be cleaned is instantly evaporated or peeled off, thereby realizing the cleaning process. What are the advantages over traditional cleaning methods? Compared with chemical cleaning, it does not require chemical agents and has no pollution to the environment; compared with mechanical cleaning, it does not touch parts, does not generate stress, and does not affect the performance of parts; compared with ultrasonic cleaning, laser cleaning can be carried out with a robot, The operation is more flexible and efficient; and the power of the laser cleaning machine is only a few kilowatts, only a few kWh per hour, and the use cost is low.
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